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Photography Courses

Abstraction, Photography and Play

Abstract out of focus photograph through a red stripey plexiglass. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

“Very informative and detailed overview of abstract photography theories and ideas. Encouraged creativity and open-minded approach pushing boundaries and playing with reality. Good style of teaching and putting into practice.” Clara

Black and white  photo of white chairs in repetition in an outside amphitheatre. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

“The course was very informative and inspired me to ‘think out of the box’. Eva was an inspirational lecturer and provided us with an excellent overview of abstract photography.” Sue

Black and white photograph of some diagonal zones in grey tones. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

“I enjoyed everything but the homework was particularly inspiring. My favourite genres were concrete and surreal photography. It has encouraged me to see the world differently. Thank you.” Pippa

Developing a Creative Photography Project

Abstract photo by Chris Marks Gilson showing cut zones of the horizon during sunset collaged in a white background.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. Photography is a relatively new medium for me but Eva's reflective approach allowed me the space to make decisions on the work I was producing and gave me the confidence to pick what works for me. I found myself developing a more reflective practice and in turn being more selective with my work. Doing this course has inspired me to apply what I have learned to some more project ideas that have been sitting for quite a while now which is quite a result in a 6 week course. Thanks Eva." Anthony Ryan 

Three photos next to each other by Shaun Pryszlak showing out of focus parts of a guitar.

‘‘Eva runs an excellent course, which is fun stimulating and engaging and fostered a creative environment that allowed me to explore very deeply the development of a photographic concept for exhibition and more importantly the development of a working process to bring the ideas to fruition. Highly recommended to anyone interested in progressing their depth as an artist within the medium of photography.’’  Adam Bailey

Colour out of focus photo in red tones of a view from above of people walking in Kensignton Street by James Gormley.

‘‘Thank you Eva for a brilliant and inspiring course. It has helped me greatly - to look more closely at what I like to photograph and think about why. And of course encouraged me to photograph with a purpose/focus - be it an exhibition or a space at home. I have loads of notes I can use for other things as well as photography projects. It was great to learn from everyone else on the course too - and I have lots of ideas to take further!’’  David Curtis

Creative Landscape Photography

Landscape photo of a deserted area with rocks in the frontground and sea and mountains in the background with red and cyan  colour layers.

"Really challenged my mind to go and create and experiment with ideas, has altered my new on established ‘landscape’ ". Good handouts. Susan

Black and white landscape photo of some rocks by Ula Soffe which has been scanned and presents some scanning anomalies on the top left side.

"Structured well, intelligent conversation, knowledgeable tutor. Gave me lots of inspiration." Andy, Brighton

Double exposure photo by Jo Teasdale of a railings gate on the top and a cemented area below it.

 "I really enjoyed the content of the course, the theories and the discussions around them. Great handouts." Thank you. Nikki, Shoreham

Beginners Photography

Lightpainting photo by Dan Eastwood showing three silhouetted heads with halos in the shapes of two flowers in the edges and a triangle in the centre.

“It taught me everything there is to know about how to use my camera and also how to approach taking photographs from a creative point of view.”

Debbie, Brighton

Lightpainting photo by Poppy Veale writing the word 'POP' in black background by some stairs.

“It did what it said on the tin! I learned how to use my camera and get it off ‘auto’.” Ron, Hove

Lightpainting photo by Alexandra Hepworth writing the word 'hello' in black background by some stairs.

“Very thorough goes through all technical functions on the camera. Eva is a great teacher. Very patient and so knowledgeable!” Mike, Hove

Photography Workshops

Street Photography Beginners

Three male students taking photos on the Brighton seafront while kneeling on the pebbles. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

“The general introduction learning and examples helped to put form and composition into context. Really enjoyed the practical application out on the street to put into play.” Susie

Two male students taking photos while  standing on each side of a beach hut. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

“As it’s my first time on a photography course I found it very informative and constructive as well as encouraging for me to continue with my enjoyment in photography with a newfound confidence.” Jim, Hove

People walking on the seafront while on their right a student is seen taking photographs facing the sea. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

“Fun learning with a tutor who has passion for her subject and knowledge of how to engage her students.”   Vanessa, Eastbourne

Portrait Photography Beginners

A lady with blonde hair in the background is posing for another lady in the frontground while we see the back of her head and the portrait photo on her camera screen. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

 “Nice balance between being given information and knowledge and our own practice. I learned a great deal and Eva created a comfortable space so it was an enjoyable day.” Hilary

A young lady in a red jumper is standing with her left side by a window holding a small reflector in front of her while an older lady in a blue top is taking portrait photos of her. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

“Very well taught and tutor patiently went through the pictures we had taken and gave very useful feedback.” Vanessa

Male student taking portrait photos of a lady who is sitting on a stool while she is being lit by a light on a stand on  45/45 degrees to her right. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

“ Eva was very good, knowledgeable. Course was fun. Learnt lots about light, composition and exposure, model positioning. Would recommend.” Richard

Introduction to Abstract Photography

 A female student with white coat, mustard hat and brown boots is taking photos of a little water puddle while beding low down to the ground. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

 “Clear instruction, good visuals, small group, practical exercises and review, and excellent tutor.” Gemma

Male student with his back to the lens from a low angle is taking photos of a door with rails above him. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

 “Made me think about the history of abstraction, I now know the type of image that appeals to me. Good.” Ann, Worthing

Female student taking photos of the white and blue stripey deck chairs on the Brighton seafront while lying down on the pebbles. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

 “Very interesting, informative and playful.” Kevin, Brighton

Brighton By Night Photography Walk

Bright-On-Photography student taking photos with her tripod during the night in front of the illuminated West Pier columns by the i360. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

 “I like the subjects we photographed and the different camera settings. I gained experience in light when taking photographs.” Kelly

Three students in a row in the frontground taking photos of the Brighton Christmas lights in North Street using their tripods during the night. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

 “I like going outside the classroom in the elements recording Brighton at night/experimenting.” Bronagh, Hove

Bright-On-Photography students taking photos with tripods during the night in front of the illuminated West Pier columns by the i360. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

 “I felt comfortable taking shots at night and working with movement. Also, being with a group made it easier.” Gina

Outdoors Beginners Photography

Sunset photo by Clara Mason full of starlings in the frontground.

 “I liked the way the information was delivered/explained, the way the tutor responded to questions and was knowledgeable enough to extend the information to tailor the teaching for the individuals in the class.” Claire

Frontal out of focus view of Brighton West Pier by Ben Talbot as seen from some bushes in full focus in the frontground.

 “Loved the technical details! Finally everything is connected in my head. I look forward for the next workshops. This course taught me the exact things that I needed! Thank you! Veronika Teo

photo of Brighton Palace Pier in the sunset taken from the side from far east by Donal Burke.

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I loved the theory being put into practice. Eva made everything really clear and checked everyone was on the same level of understanding. I learnt so much. Thanks so much!” Chris