Brighton photography courses and workshops

About Us

Our Story

Bright On Photography offers inspiring photography courses in Brighton and Hove and beyond run by Dr Eva Kalpadaki.

Eva is a highly knowledgeable and friendly tutor qualified to PhD and PGCE level. With 13 years of teaching experience, she delivers photography courses and workshops privately in 1-1 sessions or in small groups in live classes or online.

They are designed to help you express your creative potential with the medium of photography.

With significant experience in exhibiting fine art photography, Eva can also help in supervising student projects working towards an exhibition and bringing their work to the public.

University all-levels study support is also available in understanding photography theory, dissertation writing and creative practice development.


Our Values

In Bright On Photography, we value creativity, freedom of expression, integrity and inclusivity.

We are passionate about photography and we want everybody to learn how to 'see' and 'think' creatively through the lens of a camera but also without it!

Creativity      Integrity      Freedom of Expression      Inclusivity

We are passionate about teaching and committed to always providing an excellent and professional service to learners of all ages.


We insist on the highest professional standards and we emphasise clear and direct communication and honesty throughout. We are fair to all our students and our students can rely on us.

We support inclusivity, diversity, and equality and we welcome students of all walks of life, social and cultural backgrounds. We are helping them to achieve their goals and develop their creativity by treating them equally, respecting their needs and ideas, and accepting challenges when these arise by always looking for creative solutions.

We care about the learning of our students and we provide them with a lot of individual attention giving them our personal time and support when needed.


We encourage everybody to join our courses and express themselves through the medium of photography by inspiring them with academic-standards high-quality teaching, excellent teaching resources, practical hands-on support, and sharing of personal experience in photography of over 15 years of practising and teaching.

Female Bright-On-Photography student with yellow shoes and red scarf is lying down on the cement in Hove seafront and taking photographs  of some red and yellow painted dots. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

Our Approach

FLIRT - We believe Photography is all about flirting with the real world and interpreting it in such a way that makes sense to each and every one of those who wish to embark on the journey of exploring it, learning more about themselves and about the medium.

GET INSPIRED - We inspire you and show you how to make this journey more enjoyable and creative.

LEARN THE TECHNIQUE - In our technical courses, we teach you the structure and the method and we motivate you to apply these creatively into your practice. We ask you questions again and again and we support you in your learning until we make sure everything has been comprehended and you have gained a strong foundation to continue practising on your own once you leave our classes.

PLAY - In our creative courses, we teach you how to follow the creative process, and trust your intuition along with the logic. Making photography, as well as making art, is a creative play. Once you let go, magic happens.

DEVELOP YOUR OWN AESTHETIC - We are open to listening to your ideas without imposing our own aesthetic preferences on you. We encourage you and guide you to achieve their fruition and manifestation into amazing photographs and projects.

TPF - All our teaching, no matter what the format is and no matter where it takes place, always consists of three essential parts: Theory, Practice, and Feedback.                                                           

Theory, delivered and facilitated in a constructive way, gives you the necessary information and new knowledge in relation to the topic and theme of the course you are attending.

Practice is the implementation of the theory and the best part of the class, where you get to practise, experiment and get a taste of what’s to come.

Feedback is absolutely necessary as it consolidates your learning. It provides you with the reassurance that you are on the right path in your practice and gives you guidance and advice regarding what you need to improve and how to improve it. It always takes place in a non-judgemental and friendly environment.


To ensure that your teaching and learning is of high-standards and it takes place in a safe environment we consider what’s more important:

QUALITY - We keep our groups small in terms of student numbers, always prioritising high quality of teaching and individual attention over quantity.

SAFETY - The safety of our students is our priority and we always take the necessary measures towards maintaining a safe learning environment in line with the health and safety policies and procedures.

SAFEGUARDING - We welcome all ages of students and we prioritise the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.  We have completed a safeguarding course, we can provide a clear enhanced DBS check registered with the update service and we have public liability insurance covered by our A-N membership.

PRIVACY OF PERSONAL DATA - We take your privacy very seriously. We will not use any personal information you have provided us for any other reason than the one you have agreed with us in writing.  You can always opt-out from this and we will always ask your permission for any future use of your personal data.

COPYRIGHT - With your permission, we like to keep your homework in our archive and promote it in our social media and website as an example of our services and your achievements. Your photographs will always be credited with your first or full name as long as you are happy for us to use them.