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 Abstraction, Photography, and Play

Close-up abstract image of flower petals in yellow and cyan.Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

11 October -29 November 2023

new 2024 dates tbc

Cost: £350


Duration: 8-week course

                Wednesdays 18:30 - 21:30

Where: Online

Group Size: 6 students Only!!!

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Close-up abstract image of flower petals in yellow and cyan and some green leaves in the foreground.Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

 Abstraction, Photography and Play Themes

- Week 1

   First Photograph – Abstract processes

   Looking curiously at the world  

- Week 2

   Reality and Surreality


   Unconscious Explorations


- Week 3

   Compositional Abstraction

   Mindful Seeing  

   Exercise your eyes in photocomposition

- Week 4

   Subjective Vision

   Photography as Metaphor

   Mindful Thinking

   Express yourselves

- Week 5

   Generative Reality

   Thinking in a programme


- Week 6

  Photography as Idea

  Photography as Object

  Conceptual Thinking


- Week 7

   Empty Space

   Photography of 'Nothing'


- Week 8

   Semiotics of photographic abstraction

   Summing Up

 Abstraction, Photography and Play

 Online 8 - Week Course

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This is a creative course on Abstract Photography open to all with or without knowledge of Photography but with an enthusiasm and imagination to create and learn from it.

It aims at guiding you on how to see more creatively through the lens but also without it. Looking at a number of visual examples spanning the development of abstract photography, you will be introduced to the various categories and aspects of photographic abstraction and get inspired to produce your own images.




At the end of the course you will be able to:


- demonstrate a critical understanding of the basic ideas in abstract photography by identifying and discussing different aspects and elements of an abstract photograph


- identify and discuss some of the different stages in the historical development of abstraction in photography in parallel with other photography and art movements


- demonstrate a practical engagement with abstract photography by taking your own photographs


- critically reflect on the making of your own images and discuss how you mindfully and creatively see and think about the world


General Outline of a Lesson Plan for each Weekly Session

Each session will consist of mainly three parts:

Part I

Looking at your photographs (homework based on the theme of the previous week), commenting on them, suggesting new ideas, reflecting on your creative process, and articulating it into your own words. This discussion will be the core of each session, as it will provide you with the opportunity to extract ideas from your own work, discuss the making process and make decisions for your future explorations on the weekly projects to follow. At the same time, I will be answering your questions, helping you to clarify your ideas, and giving you suggestions and guidance for further experimentation.


Part II

Looking at the photographic abstraction theme of each week, based on images by both classic and contemporary photographers. You will be engaging in a critical discussion about them and reflecting on questions about what compositional approach it has been used, what the intentions of the photographer might be, what the images mean to you based on your own interpretation, and any other questions that might be generated by you.


Part III

Summing up the main ideas, which were discussed during the previous parts and discussing the nature of your homework. This will be based on a fixed theme for everyone or on individual themes that each one of you might choose.



At the end of each weekly session, I will be sending you e-handouts by email.

Camera guidelines - what you will need

- A  DSLR or mirrorless camera are ideally the best types of cameras you can have if you want to really explore and experiment with photography. However, all types of cameras are welcome, including ipads, tablets, and mobile phones.

- Desire to explore a new activity and learn something new 
- Open mind to welcome new ideas 
- Enthusiasm to get creative


Refund & Cancellation Policy

No refunds:

- if you cancel within 15 days before the start of the course.

- if the course is cancelled but a new date is scheduled

- if you stop attending it or any sessions of it

Minimum Age

16 years old is the minimum age for participants to attend the workshop on their own. For younger children please contact us.