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Feedback Circle

Diagonal view of five Brighton huts in a bright blue sky background.  Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

2024 date tbc

Cost: £36


Duration: 3 hours

                18:30 - 21:30

Where: Online

Group Size: 8 students 


Note 1

Feedback Circles will be scheduled regularly every few months

Note 2 

Feedback Circles can take place either:

- on the dedicated above dates or

- on a date of your preference if you have a group of people who need feedback on their photographs outside of these dates 

Feedback Circle

Brighton Outdoor / Online Photography Circles


A session of informal presentations of photographic works aiming at bringing together previous students who keep on working on their photography and have the need to receive constructive feedback on their images or just simply the desire to share their work among a small group of people.


However, the feedback circle is also open to any photography lover, practitioner or not, who would like to spend some quality time during a relaxed evening/afternoon while discussing photography and socialising.


How to prepare for the feedback circle

- select a small number of photographs that you need urgent feedback on

- if you are working on a photographic project, write down specific questions about some aspects of your work that you need us to guide you with

-for technical questions be specific as to what kind of difficulties you are encountering and contact us first to advise you if the coming feedback circle (online or outdoors) suits your needs


What to bring in the feeback circle

- your Powerpoint or other presentation format  of  your digital photos


- your printed photographs if you prefer the tactility of the prints  (for in-venue or outdoor sessions Only)

- any other form of photographic work you are working on



Refund & Cancellation Policy

No refunds:

- if you cancel within 15 days from the start of the course.

- if the course is cancelled but a new date is scheduled

- if you stop attending it or any sessions of it

Minimum Age

16 years old is the minimum age for participants to attend on their own.

For younger children please contact us.