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Close-up photo of a violin's string centre by Rebekah Kereay.

Outdoors Beginners Photography

An intensive 6-hour photography workshop for beginners. Learn the fundamentals of photography and how to use your camera off auto. Gain the confidence you need to take control of your camera and get creative.

Currently available only as a private workshop for 2 students.

Abstract image of three thin long leaves in front of a blurred yellow and green wall. Photo by Sarah Stuart.

Introduction to Abstract Photography

An outdoor 6-hour workshop introducing you to the principles of Abstract Photography.

You will be challenged to ‘see’ and ‘think’ differently, flirt with your everyday life and create abstract images inspired by famous photographers.

Open to all with or without knowledge of Photography but with an enthusiasm and imagination to create and learn from it.

View of the old Brighton railway and the pebble beach by Vicky Papadopoulou.

Smartphone Photography

An outdoor 6-hour workshop exploring shooting and editing techniques with your smartphone.

Improve your photography skills and get creative at any time with your smartphone camera.

It will be taught on an iPhone. However, both iPhone users as well as Android smart phone users are welcome with any models of phones.

Brighton graffiti of a japanese cartoon girl.

Brighton Graffiti Photo Tour

An outdoor 4-hour workshop exploring the graffiti gems of Brighton. You will learn street style photography techniques to incorporate in your shooting and you can experiment with abstract and urbanscape photography as well while at the same time enjoying all the eccentric shops and characters of Brighton.

Street portraits of two young black ladies, one of them facing the lens and one young black facing the lens. Photo by Pauline Ebbutt.

Street Photography Beginners

An outdoor 6-hour workshop introducing you to the principles of Street Photography.

You will explore tips and techniques from famous photographers and immerse yourselves in the moment and the joyful surprises of shooting in the streets.

View of Seven Sisters from the Cuckmere Haven hill. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

Landscape Photography Walk

An outdoor 6-hour workshop providing you with tips and techniques in how to achieve eye-catching compositions of landscape and urbanscape scenes. Taking inspiration from famous landscape photographers you will be guided both in theory and practice to express your creativity and make the best use of your camera. Open to all with or without knowledge of Photography but with an enthusiasm and imagination to create and learn from it.

Close-up view of the red handle of a portfolio leather bag next to a stack of photographs, one showing the old West Pier poles. Photo by Eva Kalpadaki.

Building a Photography Portfolio

An online weekend workshop providing you with tips and advice in order to build a photography portfolio. You will be guided and given feedback in how to create your portfolio from editing your photographs and writing a statement and an artist’s CV through to its final presentation.

A circle of people sitting on the grass in a park and discussing.

Feedback Circle

An online 3-hour group session providing constructive feedback on photographs that you need support and advice on. Select the work you need to discuss, write down the questions you need answers to and be specific.

The more specific questions you ask, the more specific answers you will get.

Perfect to help you develop your photography further.

Portrait photo by Richard Streeter of a lady with blonde hair in a black top in a fuzzy white background.

Portrait Photography Beginners

A 6-hour workshop  introducing you to the fundamental principles of Lighting and Posing in Portrait Photography.

You will learn simple techniques in how to be photogenic and how to control natural and artificial light in order to capture striking portraits  and make the best use of your camera.

Blurred repetitive view of the Brighton christmas lights word Believe. Photo by Paula Faky.

Brighton by Night Photography Walk

A two-day workshop, outdoors and online, during which you will learn how to capture the magic of Brighton by Night in an explorative and experimental play with Night Photography.

Open to all with or without knowledge of Photography but with an enthusiasm and imagination to create and learn from it. Camera restrictions apply.

View of a Brighton seafront grid full of pebbles cage with the leg and a back of a man behind it and the sea and a bench in the blurry background. Photo by Olivia Morgan.

Photographic Composition Beginners

An outdoor 6-hour workshop exploring and experimenting with composition techniques. You will learn simple rules and techniques in how to achieve a pleasing and balanced composition of any scene and you will apply them into practice with playful tasks along with free shooting.

AI image of a couple holding hands and walking on a beach during sunset.

PhotoDating | Brighton

An outdoor 3-hour workshop offering a creative approach to dating. You will engage in playful photographic activities designed to break the ice and help you get to know each other without the anxiety of dating.

Come to Learn, Flirt, Play and Create!